Free VPN - Free of Charge and Freedom of Use

High speed free VPN with the power of cloud. Always up and always here to serve. Our service is free of cost and will remain free forever. We will not charge anything for our service nor will show any annonying Ads via our VPN. We run on your donations,

Best Technologies

We use cutting edge technologies like PPTP and openVPN for our VPN service. Data transfers through highly secured and encrypted tunnel. Your data is safe with us.
Our service and technology is cross platform. You can use our service from whatever device you have. From PC to Mac, Android to iOS, on every device.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We neither limit bandwidth on the amount of usage nor cap the speed. Get the full speed and burst when it's available. Our uplinks are connected to 1Gbps switch.

ZERO Restriction

We do provide zero restriction to the users of our service. Unblock everything unblock the world. Our server location is Netherland, one of the best for using VPN.

Best Anonymity

With our service your identity is totally hidden. We use the best technologies for VPN to provide our users the best Anonymity. We do not keep tracks of anything. All type of logs gets deleted automatically.

Donate and keep MateVPN Alive

MateVPN is totally free to use. We will never charge for our service nor will show Ads inside our VPN. If you are Happy with our service and want to help us bearing the server costs you are Most welcome. Donate as You can and help the service to live.